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I am born ‘Sidetracked’ living in a ‘Organized’ world. 



This led me to poor home keeping. Clutter began to fill up my home with only pathways to walk. Most of my day was spent moving things to get what I thought I needed. I had a multitude of  organizing projects laying around where I convinced myself I couldn’t finish because I needed XYZ.

I became a collector of Organizational Books hoping the latest one would have my ‘Holy Grail’. They all started out promising until I would hit what I call the ‘Speed Bump’. Off I go looking for another book. This time I am going to find a book that will help me organize my things and I can feel together once and for all.

In 2011 after following yet another system, it was the closest I had become at being successful. After working really hard. (I really wanted to be successful at this home keeping thing. I was tire of being embarrassed at the state of my home)

Then the ‘light bulb’ went on. I had solved my ‘struggles’. I realized none of the organizational books helped much because…

They Were ‘Born Organized’

All of their suggestions were coming from their ‘dominant’ left side of their brain that stores

Logic and Order.

No wonder I was having a difficult time! My dominant side of my brain is my right that stores


You have heard the saying ‘Know When To Hold ‘Em, Know When To Fold ‘Em. It’s from the song ‘The Gambler’ by Kenny Rogers. It goes further to say, ‘The Secret To Survivin’ Is Knowin’ What To Throw Away And Knowin’ What To Keep’.

But First I Had To Address The Pink Elephant In The Corner!

Most organizational sites don’t cover much of the day to day activities needed BEFORE you get into

Decluttering, Cleaning, Organizing

This is the very area that many struggle with! It’s getting food on the table, clean clothes on the back, and a simple way to clean up so you can do this all over again tomorrow.

Homekeeping Has Three Things In Common

1.  It is repetitious

2.  It is never ending

3.  It is extraordinarily low on positive feedback.


If you think there is a magic pill, there isn’t any.

The closest thing to it is ‘Habits’ and ‘Routines’.

The ones I am talking about are:

Begin Your Day

Get Things Done

End Your Day

The best way to get started?

Take the 3 Day Challenge!

None of the organizational books helped much because they were already ‘Born Organized’. I am ‘Born Sidetracked’ and it has got me into all sorts of trouble when it has come to taking care of my home until now.

I went ‘Outside’ of the organizational sites and more into the world of

‘Basic Human Behavior’.


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