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April Event Paper Clutter Cha Cha!

April is Paper Clutter! Yes, you heard it! Paper Clutter! We all have it. In the electronic age, we still have paper clutter. Why? Many of us have not gone to paperless. It is that simple. Many don’t feel comfortable. There is something about getting that envelope in the mail to make it real.


3 Stages Of Paper Clutter

Just Beginning

In The Midst Of It


Whatever stage you are in, it is important to simply


Set up an area in your home to Cha! Cha! 

Sort by ‘THROW AWAY’ and ‘PUT AWAY’

Designate Amount Of TIME You Will Spend On It Each Day And

Just Watch It Disappear!

I will be writing in more detail in upcoming post on this subject. Stay tuned!


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