9 Habits That Keep You From Getting Sidetracked In Home Keeping

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When I made a decision that the following 9 habits would be my priority to keep me from getting ‘Sidetracked’ each day, everything else fell into place. Take a look at these 9 habits. Yes, many of them are ones that fall into the ‘But I Don’t Want To’ category.  Thomas Edison said, “Eat The Frogs […]

Clearing Out Clutter Isn’t As Easy For Some As It Is For Others

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Clinical psychologist Dr. David Tolin, director of Anxiety Disorders Centre at the Institute of Living in Hartford and an adjunct associate professor of psychiatry at Yale conducted a study using ‘brain scans’ to monitor the reactions of hoarders when they were making decisions over whether or not to shred their possessions. His findings showed signs […]