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February Event Make Your Bedroom Special

february event make your bedroom special
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I have committed myself to paint the ceiling and the walls. The ceiling paint I chose is Zinsser Ceiling Paint And Primer. I did my kitchen and living room last year and was pleased with it. It goes on pink so you can see where you have painted. And with the primer built in I only had to do it once. Ceilings are never my favorite.

I also have some paint I bought last year for the walls.  I am using Dutch Boy Dirt Fighter Satin Paint. It will be great when it is done!



What better time to spruce up your bedroom than the month of February! We all deserve a good nights sleep. For me, decluttering my bedroom and getting a new comforter set back in April 2011 was a game changer for me. I  only left things I loved in the room. This led me to make my bed daily and enjoy doing it. Why? Because each night right before I burn the past day, I love turning back the sheets.

The day has ended. Whether I had a good day or bad one, it has ended. Let it go. The night is to refresh and begin again ready to face the new day. When practicing the 9 Habits, we wake up to a shiny sink, we know what we are wearing and have an area called a ‘Launch Pad’ where we always have our purse and keys there along with anything that is going with us out the door.

Are You Ready To Make Your Bedroom Special?

The following is a simple list to follow in the order it is laid out.  Following in this order keeps you from having to re clean things. We start at the top and work towards the bottom in a clockwise movement.

6 kinds of clutter
Do The Cha Cha Cha! Set Up A Station When Decluttering

Set Up A ‘Cha Cha Cha’ Station

It is a simple and fun way to ‘Throw Away, ‘Put Away’, ‘Give Away’.  Any containers will work. Boxes are usually easily available.  We must first clear the area of unwanted things that have been taking up residency. It is time to evict unwanted things. 

clean cobwebs
Clean Cobwebs


Cha Cha Cha Throw, Give, Put Away
25 Fling ‘THROW AWAY’ Boogie (Continue until you don’t have anything you can ‘THROW AWAY’/PUPA (Pick Up Put Away)


Wash Bedding Including Mattress Pad
Wash bedding including mattress pad


Flip Mattress
Flip Mattress


Polish Bedroom Furniture
Polish Furniture


Make Your Bedroom Special
Clean Windows
Make Your Bedroom Special
Clean Mirror


Make Your Bedroom Special
Clean Under Bed
Make your bedroom special
Sweep/Mop/Wax Floor
Make Your Bedroom Special
Vacuum/Clean Carpet

Hope this list will be helpful in making your bedroom special and enjoyable to sleep in. BUT REMEMBER…

Practice The 9 Habits First!

Allow Enough Time To Do Them In Your Day

Do the February Event at your own PACE. Get what you can get done but only after you have completed the 9 Habits.

(Side Note:) I know many of you are anxious to dive into this project. If you are new to the system, please begin with practicing the 9 Habits first. The following are the 9 Habits.

The 9 Habits That Keep You From Getting Sidetracked From Living Well Clutter And Chaos Free

I used to focus too much on decluttering and not enough time on establishing a great set of habits to get myself from one day to the next easily. I tried several habits and the ones above are the ones that made the cut.

Many of the habits are ones that most of us do not want to do. The thing is the 9’s are Key to Living Well Clutter And Chaos Free. Make peace with them any way you can. Be creative. The goal is for these 9 specific habits to become on auto pilot.  It will make your decluttering go smoother.

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    1. Great! You will be happy you do! I know when I kept only the things I love in my bedroom I sleep so much better.

  1. I found your website through Pinterest today, I am a member of your facebook group too. Super happy I stumbled into bedroom month as I’ve just been doing a major bedroom declutter and am almost up to cleaning it 🙂

    1. Wonderful! I am excited to have this website. My mission is for you to visit often getting information you can use. Having this website also allows me to create some online workshops that many have been interested in doing. Lots of possibilities. I invite you to sign up for email to receive the latest. Thank you for commenting. Marilyn

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