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Freestyle Day! Turnaround Tuesday

Monday Should Be Optional

Monday seems to be the only day we get to have a ‘Love/Hate’ relationship with. Either we had a great weekend and carry the high onto Monday getting us through the day or we got little rest and relaxation making Monday difficult.

Move Over Monday! Tuesday Is Here!

Freestyle Day Turnaround Tuesday
Freestyle Day Turnaround Tuesday

Tuesday can give you the option to redeem yourself. If you are lacking sleep from the weekend, putting in a full Monday usually leads to ‘early bedtime’.

Tuesday is a great day for ‘Catch Up’ and the opportunity to ‘turn things around’ from Monday . The phrase ‘Turnaround Tuesday’ actually comes from the grain futures. I have been hearing the phrase from my brother for years. Why not apply it to our week?

According to a survey, ‘Tuesdays Are The Most Productive Day Of The Week’ followed by Wednesday. After that the week’s productivity declines as many look forward to the upcoming weekend.

Don’t Let The Photo Of The Tennis Shoes Fool You!

The fact many say, “when you are dressed to shoes is when you are the most productive taking care of your home.” It tells you your work day isn’t over. Instead it is time to put on the Household Manager’s Cap. What you do after work to prepare for the coming day is what makes your weeks great!

Next time Monday gives you a difficult time, fear not! Freestyle Turnaround Tuesday is here to redeem yourself!

What is your usual routine on Tuesdays? I would love to hear!

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