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How Marilyn’s Way Works

How Marilyn's Way Works
I am far from perfect and during certain times of the year my home isn’t company ready, but

Who’s Home Is Company Ready 100% Of The Time???

Not even the organizing gurus are company ready 100% of the time. Many times they are showing you the ‘Highlight Reel’ of how they would like you to do it. They do not take into consideration

Life Happens When You Are Busy Making Other Plans

When I get out of sync (and I do) I simply do these 9 Habits in the following order along with the weekly habit, specific day, zone work and monthly event maintenance and in a matter of a day, 3 at the most, I am back into my GROOVE AGAIN! Read the following and see how things FLOW TOGETHER.

The Secret To Your Success Is…

Doing the 9 habits and the Weekly Home Mambo in the SAME ORDER each time SHAVES OFF TIME! They are both set up using the Associating technique. That is what Marilyn’s Way is all about.

9 habits
These are the 9 Habits To Keep You From Getting Sidetracked In Home Keeping

The numbers in the parentheses are the 9 Habits To Keep You From Getting Sidetracked In Home Keeping. 

Let’s Get Started!

Wake up, make your bed, (1)get dressed to shoes. While you do this you are in the bathroom so stop and (2)swish and swipe. Before you leave your bathroom, ask yourself, (3)What’ For Dinner? Go take the meat out you will be using.
(4)Then grab a load of clothes to put into the washing machine. While they are washing, (5)spend 15 minutes decluttering.
Do the Weekly Habit for the specific day.
Reboot the laundry. While they are drying do the zone work for the current zone. Work on current monthly event.
Go back to laundry take out of dryer fold or hang and PUT AWAY.
(6)Make dinner early and always start out with filing a sink full of hot soapy water so you can clean as you cook.
After eating the only things that need to be cleaned are the plates, eating utensils glasses and put them in the dishwasher and (7)Shine Sink.
More than likely something you washed, dryed, fold or hang and put away is something you can simply use as (8)lay out clothes. Check what is going on for the coming day and put everything that is needed for the coming day at your (9)launch pad.

Get to bed at a decent hour and have a great sleep!

Wake up to a Shiny Sink!

Follow the above again!

I hope this will help all of you no matter what stage you are in. Remember

Housework/Homekeeping Never Ends

If you are looking for the end, it isn’t there and you will be disappointed.

You Can Do This! I Have Faith In You!

Click to join Marilyn’s Way.

Stay tuned for the ‘Weekly Home Mambo’!

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