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May Checklist – 9 Things To Do This Month

The May checklist remains the same whether South Dakota gets the possible snow storm that is predicted or not. I sure hope Mother Nature changes her mind. I look forward to the lilac blooms and smells that permeate my yard this month. If the storm has to happen, my only wish is it stay warm enough to save the buds on the trees.May brings sunshine, outdoor picnics, and beautiful May flowers. Plus with Mother’s Day and Memorial Day, there are plenty of opportunities to grab your friends and family to celebrate. As for the rest of the month, consider putting these 9 things on your May “must do” list.
May Checklist
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1. May Day is May 1st It has become a tradition of celebrating the beginning of spring. Many danced with ribbons around a Maypole – a tall wooden poll – to celebrate spring.
Others like myself remember filling baskets with flowers and goodies, leaving them anonymously on a boy’s doorstep I liked. Others would do the same with their neighbors’ doorsteps.
2. Audrey Hepburn’s birthday is May 4th. Watch Breakfast at Tiffany’s to celebrate her birthday! Grab your ballet flats and LBD to channel Hepburn’s famous classic style. Then indulge in a movie marathon. And if you’re still craving some Hepburn inspiration, learn about the seven ways to make Hepburn your style icon on a budget.
3. Teacher Appreciation Day is May 5th. Send a thank you note to your favorite professor.It’s unbelievable the amount of support and confidence great educators can give us. Let your professor (or even your mentor!) know how much you appreciate all their hard work and dedication.
4. World Red Cross Day is May 8th. Donate blood today!This year, the American Red Cross is encouraging eligible donors to give blood on World Red Cross Day, a day that aims to “recognize the local and global impact of the Red Cross mission.” About 3.1 million volunteers donated last year—will you be a part of that number this time around?
5. National Bike to Work Week is May 11 – 15th. Get out your wheels for this event. From May 11-15, snag a bike and pedal to work! You’ll save money, time, and the environment—plus you’ll be sneaking in a quick workout before the day has even started. Sounds like a win-win-win in my book.                                                            
6. Mother’s Day is May 14th this year. Give your Mama a hug! Whoever is most like a mom to you—give her a sweet gift, a big hug, and let her know how much you appreciate everything she does for you. (And offering breakfast in bed doesn’t hurt either!)    
7. National Chocolate Chip Day follows Mother’s Day on May 15th. Bake up some cookies! If you give a girl a chocolate chip, she’s going to want a cookie to go with it. Use this day to pull out your favorite recipe and get baking! Then invite your friends over for a night of sweet treats and awesome movies.                                    
8. International Museum Day is May 18th. Hit up your favorite exhibit. Whether you want to wander around one of your favorite museums or go exploring to find a new one, use today to add some fun and culture to your routine. Get inspired by the creativity in your city, and then let it fuel your work week! You may be amazed by all the new ideas you come up with.
9. Memorial Day is observed on May 29th. Remember all those who bravely fought on this dayIn honor of this year’s Memorial Day, read one woman’s story about what it’s like to be a helicopter pilot in the United States Coast Guard. Then say thank you to anyone you know who is working tirelessly to keep us safe.

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