Decluttering Isn’t As Easy For Some As It Is For Others

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Decluttering isn’t as easy for some as it is for others. This is according to Clinical psychologist Dr. David Tolin, director of Anxiety Disorders Centre at the Institute of Living in Hartford and an adjunct associate professor of psychiatry at Yale conducted a study using ‘brain scans’ to monitor the reactions of hoarders when they were making decisions over whether or not to shred their possessions.

His findings showed signs of stress and increased activity in the Orbito Frontal Cortex (the area responsible for making decisions) when their possessions were destroyed, but the non-hoarders showed no signs of such distress.

Finally Research That Validates What We May Not Have Known!

When I think of the years I have struggled letting go of my clutter, having this information available may have helped with my starting point to success years ago. In any event, our thoughts and our relationship to our things are real.

Clutter Becomes Problematic When It Interferes With Our ‘Quality Of Life’

Experts would consider this as ‘dysfunctional behavior by asking the following questions…

Is The Person Isolating Themselves?

Are They Not Going Out?

This sort of issue is just like an addiction. We will only tackle the problem when we want to do it. And only then will help be available. You have heard the saying,

The Teacher Appears When The Student Is Ready

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  1. I want to endorse Marilyn, because she has come up with a great system, with which most anyone (even those who have chronic illnesses) can get their home under control. Her Facebook group is very interactive, and the members are encouraging. I have watched a few shows on hoarding, and I have often wondered whether or not it is a one time thing of getting their houses clean. Habits need to change to keep the house reasonably clean. I think Marilyn’s system could help.

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