Declutter Your Bathroom And One Extra Room

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September is a great month to declutter your bathroom and one extra room.  Labor Day kicks off the upcoming holiday seasons. It is my job to help you look ahead and do maintenance in specific areas before the new year arrives.

Why September?

Why not? Here is my thinking. September is the new start to the school year. Why not declutter your bathroom of empty bottles and products that have expired. Go through your towels and retire the ones that always get stuck in the back of the cabinet. They are old and not effective anymore. They are just taking up space.

Start fresh!

Once you have decluttered them it is a great opportunity to give your bathroom a really good scrub down. It is also a great time to check plumbing and the seal around your bathtub. Mold loves to live in bathrooms. Don’t give it an opportunity.

Maybe you are thinking of updating this room. Fresh paint and a few accessories can make a world of difference at how you feel about your bathroom.

One Extra Room

Everyone has that one room that doesn’t seem to get the attention it needs during the rest of the year. It could be your office, guest bedroom, mudroom, craft and sewing room or storage room if you have one. Use the Do The 25 Scoop And Cha Cha Cha Your Clutter Away!

The Best Way To Approach This

The easiest way to approach this is to use the method that works with your body. Enter the room looking for things to declutter from Left to Right,Top to Bottom and Clockwise. If you are left handed you will move Right to Left, Top to Bottom and Counterclockwise. 

But First

It is important to have your 9 Daily Habits Home Keeping Made SIMPLE each day done. Many times when decluttering projects begin, the extra work can take away from our daily habits. When you think about it, it is like taking on a part time job. Don’t let them. It is more important that your day to day activities get done first.

Don’t Be Like Me When I Began

I was so into the decluttering that I would let the dishes and laundry pile up. I was trying to do this in my pajamas. Therefore myself and my house actually looked worse.


Did You Know?…

Many of the decluttering gurus are assuming you have a daily routine in place. Instead, they focus on the clutter you have accumulated never mentioning whether you know what you are wearing, eating and what bills you will be paying. Isn’t that in fact the real reason your home is full of clutter? You have never really put in place a set of 9 Life Changing Daily Habits because you see, Clearing Out Clutter Isn’t As Easy For Some As It Is For Others.

Want Some Incentive?…

Read my post about 6 Reasons To Declutter Right Now .

It may be the fuel you need to get started! 


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  1. Hi Marilyn,
    What a joy to be here today, this is my maiden visit, here today via PAC page.
    Glad that I found an informative post, yes, clutter is indeed a great headache to many.
    You shared a lot of tips on this subject, not only the bathroom but in every area of a home is taken care of this problem, in short, its an irritating thing and we need to clear our clutter from all places to have a peaceful atmosphere. Waiting to read more on this series. Keep informed.
    Have a great time of sharing ahead
    ~ Philip

  2. Hi Marilyn,

    The ‘Cha Cha Cha Way’, huh? 😉 OK, I’m digging it! Good point to work on clutter elimination after completing our regular upkeep chores and routine. And, please get outta those pj’s!

  3. Hey Marilyn! I hate clutter, but some how it always seems to accumulate LOL ! Great tips my friend..
    Thanks for sharing… Chery :))

  4. I love your cha cha way of doing it – I actually did clean up my bathrooms so it does work Marilyn

  5. I always feel that September gives us a chance for new beginnings. This is wonderful ideas for decluttering.

  6. Hi Sharon

    Great idea as i do hate clutters. You did reveal a lot of awesome tips. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful week.

  7. Hi Marilyn

    As always an interesting read. I agree with your points as I have personally tried this & I appreciate your efforts that you have selected this topic to write an article.

    By the way, It’s always pleasure to read your posts and comment.

    ~ Donna

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