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Welcome To Marilyn’s Way Printables!

In order for a system to work, having printables can make it easier. Marilyn has created printables for the system she created Marilyn’s Way. Marilyn didn’t stop there. She is offering her ebooks she has written about common problems such as excess clothes and paper clutter and made them available as a PDF Digital Download.

30 Days to A Decluttered Kitchen

Ready to get your kitchen in good working order? Too many times the kitchen is where everything gets dumped. When it comes to making a meal, it’s daunting. 30 Days to A Decluttered Kitchen is a great workbook to finally have a great functioning kitchen!


         30 Days to A Decluttered Kitchen – $5.99 US Dollars

Marilyn’s Way Daily Planner

daily plannerIf you want to make it easy on yourself to begin practicing Marilyn’s Way System, look no further. Marilyn created a Daily Planner that lets you check off each of the 9 Daily Habits, Calls to make, What’s for Dinner, Notes and many more. Pick up your copy today!


            Marilyn’s Way Daily Planner – $2.99 US Dollars

Marilyn’s Way Weekly Planner

Weekly Planner

According to Franklin Covey Planner system, planning by the week is the most effective way to reach your goals. Marilyn’s Way Weekly Planner has the weekly habit of the day and space for notes. It also has a weekly tracker for Marilyn’s Way 9 Daily Habits in which is the ‘Foundation’ of the system. It gives you a place for Zone of the Week, Monthly Habit and Monthly Decluttering Event. What is great is it has a place for Meal                                                  Planning including a Shopping List. Get yours today!

            Marilyn’s Way Weekly Planner – $3.99 US Dollars

Weekly Home Tidy Checklist

Weekly Home Tidy Checklist

Weekly Home Tidy is a great way to remove chaos in your home. This tracker keeps you on track for the month. If there are some things you didn’t get done the previous week you will have record of it and can make that a priority the coming week. At Marilyn’s Way we throw perfectionism out the window. Done is better than perfect. Get yours today!

            Weekly Home Tidy Checklist – $2.99 US Dollars

Marilyn’s Way Zone Workbook

Zone Workbook

This is a great workbook to have as you declutter and clean each zone of your home. Don’t keep all the things you have to or want to do. Write them down! This workbook has a place to list all the things you want to get done in a zone like the kitchen. Some things on your list you will be able to take care of right away where others may be like myself, I want to paint my kitchen cabinets that is planned for this summer. It is how I                                              finally got rid of the pathways in my home and looked forward to                                                    coming  home to a pleasant place. Get your copy today!

            Marilyn’s Way Zone Workbook – $6.99 US Dollars

100 Things To Get Rid Of In Your Home The Simple Way To Begin Your Decluttering Journey. (Includes free checklist)

100 thing to declutter

This is my first ebook I wrote and it has helped many! In the ebook I go by zones of your home and list common things to get rid answering the question, “Where Do I Start?” Included is a downloadable checklist to use as you go. I have now made this book into a PDF Digital Downloadable Book. Get yours today!





                      100 Things To Get Rid Of In Your Home – $2.99 US Dollars

Gratitude Journal Marilyn’s Way

Gratitude Journal

Having a Gratitude Journal is what helped me pull myself out of depression. Many of the affirmations I said I didn’t believe but said them anyway. You have heard the phrase, “Fake It Until You Make It.” Included in the gratitude journal is a place to track water intake and what the weather is for the day. Marilyn selected 9 Gratitude Affirmations she has been using to help you get started. Get your Gratitude Journal today!

            Gratitude Journal Marilyn’s Way – $4.99 US Dollars