3 Ways To Reboot Your Day!

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When things go wrong as they sometimes do, we can give ourselves permission to begin again. It isn’t necessary for the entire day to be lost.

3 Ways To Reboot Yourself

1. Eat a healthy Snack

Healthy snacks can curb your appetite.
Healthy snacks can curb your appetite.

2. Wear Lipstick!

Something as simple as putting on your favorite color of lipstick is a great way to 'Reboot Your Day'.
Something as simple as putting on your favorite color of lipstick is a great way to ‘Reboot Your Day’.

3. Get Outdoors

Many benefits to the outdoors.
Many benefits to the outdoors.

Give this a try! It has been my ‘Go To’ whenever I get myself in a funk mood.  Sort of like the mood I am in right now!

What Ways Do You Reboot Your Day?

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  1. Marilyn, the first two are doable…will certainly give it the old college try, because I’m running on fumes today. The going outside thing: no way, not today — it’s a gigantic dishwasher outside. Blaaargh!! Enjoy your non-humid (lucky you!) day! ♡

    • Fair enough. Why not choose to take 15 minutes, get comfortable, close your eyes and meditate being outside where the temperature is perfect? Many times when I need a boost, I meditate and visualize myself on a beach for awhile. I recall the trip I took to Mexico and feel the breeze off the ocean to cool me.
      Thank you for commenting!

  2. Lipstick is part of my getting dressed to the shoes. Getting outside always helps especially early mornings with coffee cup in hand, listening to the birds while watching them at the feeders. Now if I could just do the healthy snack, I tend to not snack and eat breakfast, dinner and occasionally lunch.

    • Yes and this is what I love about spring, summer and fall! I love to get out in nature and become part of the whole. And of course I do it with cup of coffee in hand! For years whenever I was with Mom and we were going somewhere, she would say, “Aren’t you going to put some lipstick on? And this is where I learned the importance of it. It does set the mood for whatever you are doing. I have gotten better with the food the past few months. I like my apple with a stick of string cheese in the morning. It really wakes me up and keeps me full and content as I do the first 5 habits. Thank you for commenting!

    • My latest go to snack has been an apple and a cheese stick. I do the same as you except in the winter it is hard to get outside. I know when I do I feel better.

  3. Hi Marilyn,
    I so need a reboot today! Everything in the world has jumped up and hit me in the face 🙂
    The healthy snack sounds the most achievable. I already had lipstick on from this morning. You reminded me – my dear Mum always used to ask me “Aren’t you going to put some lipstick on?” It CAN change your posture.
    Joy Healey – Blogging After Dark

    • The neat thing about the 3 things is eat first, lipstick next and out to the world are all easy to remember and changes focus quickly. My go to healthy snack lately has been an apple and a cheese stick. I need to go outside to water gardens and that snack is such a pick me up with the apple being natural caffeine coupled with protein. I live in a small town and many stop regularly. My shirt may be dirty from gardening but, by golly I have my lipstick on! I learned the lipstick thing form my mom too!
      My mom always says that! It really does set the tone!
      Thanks for commenting!

  4. 75 year old with light hair/eyebrows/eyelashes. I think a boost for me would be putting my eyes on. And lipstick – thanks for that. I do have health and mood problems so I don’t shower/shampoo often enough – l’d have to commit to the entire process and I don’t have energy for all that most days. Not sure what to do about it. Any one else have that problem and solution?

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