Weekly Home Tidy

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Weekly Home Tidy helps pull the 9 Habits together. It is considered  to be part of the weekly habits on specific days. You choose the day that is best for you. Some like to break it up during the week. There is plenty of flexibility for all. The following photo is your road map to a simple way to do it!

Weekly Home Tidy

Change Sheets – One of the best ways to start your week off great is putting on a fresh set of sheets. It tells your mind you are beginning a brand new week and anything is possible.

25 Fling ‘THROW AWAY’ Boogie – Before any cleaning can begin, it is necessary to get rid of all things that no longer have any value to you going forward into the new week. Nothing is too small to count. Most can find 25 items to throw away.

Pick Up Put Away – What will be left are things you used during the week but never found their way home. This step is simply a ‘Reset’ button. The goal to a happy home is for all the things you use to have their very own home. No extra thinking required. Now you are ready to do some cleaning but first…

Intermission/Drink Water – It is important you take a 15 minute break and get a glass of water in you so you are hydrated for the last part of the weekly home mambo. Vacuuming, sweeping and mopping will all naturally work up a sweat and you don’t want to become dehydrated. Put a little lemon and some Pink Himalayan Salt in your water for additional electrolytes.

Mirrors/Doors – Grab your favorites and wipe down mirrors and doors. Create a starting point working your way in a clockwise motion.

Dust/Vacuum – Continue to create a starting point working your way in a clockwise motion.

Sweep/Mop – The only thing left to do is sweep and mop. This will go fast. Why? Because there is nothing to get in your way!

Stand Back And Admire Your Work! Take A Break! You Deserve It!


Give It A Try! Let Me Know How It Goes!



Himalayan Salt
I have been using this himalayan salt for 3 years now. Tasted great on vegetables!