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Note: This post was published last October

Enjoying Fall Cleanup 2016

When it comes to fall clean up many know the work involved. Back breaking work is what many will describe it. There is garden clean up involving pulling out the annual flowers and cutting back the perennials. All of this needs to be carried somewhere.

What if there was a ‘System’ that helps you get the job done faster?

But First

Using the correct tools makes the ‘Preparation To Dismantel’ easier! The following are a list of tools I use. This is my 6th year gardening. Each year I bought tools I could afford while shopping for the next tool using Amazon to compare tools.

Tools To Help You

The following is a list of tools I use in my end of season garden cleanup. I will be adding tools as I get to the next step. I am writing this post in real time.



Poly Garden Dump Cart

The Poly Garden Dump Cart is my newest tool and let me tell you, we are going to be great friends for years to come! It is making this season’s garden clean up a breeze! The following are photos of my garden clean up.

The Poly Garden Dump Cart And I Became Instant Friends
The Poly Garden Dump Cart And I Became Instant Friends

With the use of my Gloves and Pruner I was well on my way to ‘End Of Season Garden Clean Up 2016’. In hardly any time at all working ’15 Minutes At A Time’ clean up was taking shape!

Was able to get this area cleaned up in 2 - 15 minute sessions.
Was able to get this area cleaned up in 2 – 15 minute sessions.

Pulling My Wagon Cart

I was able to get lots of foliage in my new Poly Garden Dump Cart. I headed to the back of my property to begin the pile that will decompose through the winter.

My Garden Waste Pile.

Dumping Was A Breeze

What makes dumping a breeze with this cart is the mechanics of it. It turns easily even in tight areas. Simply pull the lever in the front and the mechanics of it makes it easy to dump!

Dumping was a breeze.
Dumping was a breeze.
Off to clean more up!
Off to clean more up!

Here’s To Your Garden Clean Up Of 2016 Season To Go As Well As Mine Is!

*This post contains affiliate links to help me offset the costs of running this website. If you are looking for products I use, I invite you to click on the link to purchase where I will get a small commission fee for letting you know what makes it easy for me.

Looking forward to sharing this season of end of year clean up with you!

Happy Gardening!

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