April Event Is Photo Scavenger Walkabout

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Looking for motivation to get outside the house for a walkabout?

Why Not A Photo Scavenger Walkabout?

Running groups have been doing this for some time now. It makes their runs interesting.

It Got Me To Thinking

Why not have this in my closed Facebook group Walkabout Marilyn’s Way! This will run for the entire month of April. All you need is the following list, your digital phone and an open mind!

Make some room on those camera cards or cell phones and get snapping. You have all month to complete.

Photo Walkabout
Image Credit Pixabay

Because of my love for 9 Habits That Keep You From Getting Sidetracked, I have chosen 9 Items to photograph. Next, post in the group.

1.   Wildlife
2.  Trail marker
3.  Body of water
4.  Historic Landmark
5.  Your running shoes
6.  A brewery
7.  Something that represents your community
8.  Runner sticker on a vehicle
9.  State/county/city/country border

Download Form Here!

 Want More Ideas? Check Out This Book!


Spring is a great time to begin your walkabouts. Now you have even more motivation! Find the object, take a photo and post it in the group!

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