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The beautiful iris, named after the Greek goddess who rode rainbows, comes in many magical colors.

 How fitting to have them located in Lily’s Garden where all my beloved pets crossing Rainbow Bridge are buried. In my garden I have a multi colored white and purple iris. And then I have the yellow one.

For some reason, when the yellow iris blooms, the world stops for me and I will block out time to simply admire its beauty.

Yellow Iris1
My yellow iris captured by the light.


Iris yellow 2
If you look closer, you will see other colors are involved.


yellow iris w purple3
The yellow iris and multi colored of white, purple and yellow compliment it.


The wind was blowing when I captured this photo of my irises.


I love how the multi colored one peaks out from behind the yellow iris.


Many buds means more beauty welcoming in the coming month of June.


It wouldn’t be fair not to show a close up of the multi colored iris of purple, white, and yellow.


The botanical name is Iris germanica. It does well in full and part sun. Mine are located in the part shade of my garden. It isn’t fussy with soil type and is hardy in zones 4 – 9.  Some of the colors you will find them in are blue, multicolor, orange, pink, purple, white and yellow.

The one thing I wished most about the iris is that the blooms would last longer. With gardening many plants bloom for only a bit of its time and I love to be around them when they do bloom!

Do you have Irises in your garden? What color are yours?

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