Persistently Attacking Clutter Ending

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P.A.C.E Yourself!

If you have been removing clutter in your home, you have learned in order to remove it once and for all, you must continue to remove clutter on a daily basis. You are starting the month of June. It is the sixth month into the year. Usually January is known for decluttering. In fact I wrote a post about 100 Things To Get Rid Of In The New Year. How did that go?

Here’s Your Chance To Try Again

This time I want you to PACE Yourself. It means to Persistently Attacking Clutter Ending.

Your clutter did not show up overnight. How do you expect to get rid of it as quick? Decluttering is a way of life. You must always be on the look out for things that no longer suit you. How do you do it? You use the The 25 Scoop And Cha Cha Cha Your Clutter Away! Set up a station to Throw Away, Give Away, and Put Away.

Do The 25 Scoop And Cha Cha Cha Your Clutter Away!

Don’t live in a storage unit. Make your house a


What Decluttering Projects Do You Have Scheduled For June?

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  2. Thanks Tere for giving this a Thumbs Up! Hoping to write more that get us to think. Have a great June!

  3. MeGan Serra says:

    I have been going through kids clothes ! Every 6 months I have to purge outgrown clothes. June is a great time to do that too!!

    • Wonderful! Kids are always growing and nothing is more frustrating than to pick out an out for them and it is too small. Removing them simplifies your day to day activities.

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