Right Away Is The Easy Way

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Ever heard the phrase ‘Right Away Is The Easy Way’? Maybe you have said this to your kids. Their response, “But, Mom!” Maybe your mother said this. In any event, the following story is an example when to put this phrase into action.

Wouldn’t it be great to have some orange tomorrow morning with breakfast? It sounded great. I went into the kitchen and got out the plastic pitcher I always use.

I placed the frozen concentrate into the pitcher and added the right amount of water. I was taking a wooden spoon trying to break up the orange juice concentrate. Who hasn’t done that? I guess I got carried away as I chopped to break it down. Naturally all I could think of is how great it will taste in the morning.

Suddenly I was getting wet and heard something dripping off the island. I lifted up the plastic pitcher.  The orange juice was running out from the bottom! I put my hand under it and over the sink. Now what?

Yes, it was my last carton of frozen orange juice. Winter has not been kind. Limited trips to the nearest grocery store have been the theme of the season. I wasn’t about to give up what orange juice I had left.

Luckily I had a clear glass bowl in the cupboard to save the orange juice. Then I grabbed lots of paper towels to get the worst off the island and counter.

I still had the floor to deal with. That is when the phrase chimed in.  

‘Right Away Is The Easy Way’

I had a choice. I could take some paper towels to wipe it up leaving a sticky residue or I could go get the mop. I chose the latter. And you know what? It didn’t take long to do it at all! In fact I did the entire kitchen floor. The mop has been rinsed and wrung out to dry.

orange juice in a glass
Orange juice in a glass.

I would like to say I took the clear glass bowl of orange juice and poured it perfectly into the glass.  Instead I drank what I had salvaged right from the bowl. When I finished I said ‘Yum’ and called it a night.

How’s that for a Friday night?

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