Struggling With Paper Clutter? I Know Why!

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Everyone at some time in their life have struggled with paper clutter. Sign up to get a free catalog and mysteriously your mail is flooded with them. The reason is your name and address get sold to a company. Next come all the flyers and they are set up for you to take notice. The problem is the important mail gets lost in the shuffle and that is where the real stress comes with paper clutter.

Missing Paying An Important Bill

Have you ever had your cable tv or electricity turned off because of non payment? I sure have and while I can live without the cable, I certainly cannot live without electricity. It has happened to me once and never again. It was a costly mistake. I then had to pay the electric bill along with putting up a deposit all because of the amount of paper clutter I had accumulated that I let the electric bill get lost in the shuffle.

Paper Clutter

Recently I took a mini vacation to Kansas City, Kansas and on the way back I stopped in the Omaha, Nebraska area to meet a longtime member of my home keeping group Marilyn’s Way. Like myself she had tried many systems to put her paper clutter to rest and here’s what she found.

Freedom Filer System
Freedom Filer System

Freedom Filer System once set up keeps you from having to set up a new filing system year after year. Watch this video that explains the system.

I have looked at this system before but it wasn’t until my friend showed me in person how seamless it is when the mail comes each day the simple easy couple of steps she does and she is DONE WITH PAPERWORK! I LOVE the sound of that!

I am off to purchase this system from Amazon. Once I get it and set the system up using it for a month, I will come back with an update post as to how I am getting along with the system. If you are sold by watching the video, go ahead and get yours TODAY! *Purchasing the system through this blog post I will receive a small commission at no cost to you.


I have been using the Freedom Filing System for over 2 years and I absolutely LOVE IT! I love the set up of the odd and even years and when the new year begins it is so simple to go through the oldest year removing the items that need to be filed and the rest can be tossed!

If you have been struggling with paper clutter and haven’t found a system that works for you, I highly recommend this system! Buy It here!

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  1. Marilyn,
    This gadget looks interesting but would not work at all for me. My tax papers alone require a big plastic box (16 by 14) every year – and it is filled to the brim by the end of the year.
    I keep my bills in a plastic standing envelope holder from Office Depot. I keep them in order so that the urgent bills get paid first. Then, after they are paid I make a copy of the receipt and file the bills in the appropriate envelope in my big plastic box. I have too many different categories of bills and income receipts (counseling licenses, payments from insurance companies, equipment, continuing education courses, conferences attended, etc.).
    But for someone starting a business the Freedom Filing System might just be the answer.

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