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When I decided on creating a ‘System Of Home Keeping Made SIMPLE’,  I knew it had to be Based On Habits.

Most of us don’t have the patience or the time to really sit down and figure out a detailed system. I had to come up with something that would get ‘immediate results’. You have to see it for yourself that it works. From there, the system is set up into 3 more levels.

Want Immediate Results?

Take A ‘Personal 3 Day Challenge

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The best way to get immediate results is to take a ‘Personal 3 Day Challenge Of The 9’s’. If you do the 9 Habits for 3 Days I Promise you will get RESULTS! 

9 Habits Won’t Get You Out Of Clutter. It Will Help You With Your Daily Routines So You Will Have Time To DECLUTTER

And isn’t that what we are really after?

We have to start somewhere.

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The 9 Habits are by far the BEST WAY to get there.


  1. Lesly Frederici says:

    This looks like a great program!

  2. Jenni Paterson says:

    What an opportune time to be able to download this list on 9, print it off & stick inside the front of my 2021 diary.
    The 9’s are almost 2nd nature, but it’s great to be just able to open my diary for a quick jolt of memory on those ‘blah’ days. Thankyou.

  3. Crystal Williams says:

    Hey friend, I need to get back on the path. With getting COVID in December, and my husband on oxygen 24/7, I have fallen into the spiral we do when overwhelmed. Getting dressed to shoes and have a little routine keeps my sanity, however, changes need to be made and I need to be proactive.

    • Agree. I planned my decluttering sessions. It made it so much easier. I follow the rule, Never take out more than you can put back in an hour. So I spend 50 minutes decluttering and 10 minutes putting things away that are staying.

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