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For someone sidetracked, setting up a website is challenging.  I have been blogging as Marilyn’s Way and will be transitioning into simply my name Marilyn K Foster.

That said, in order for myself to get this site up I have hired Lesly Frederici to help me. She has a Robin Hood Mentoring Program that I have become a part of.

I have wanted to take my site a step further in helping you with life in general. I feel there is a large gap of uncharted waters for ones like myself who have struggled with clutter and distraction.

I have put my heart and soul into it helping many in my closed Facebook Group Marilyn’s Way Living Well Clutter And Chaos Free that allowed for additional groups for health/wellness and girl talk.  I will be expanding in these areas  my approach and see if it clicks for you.

Stay Tuned! Many Things To Come In 2017!

Marilyn K Foster



  1. Dianne Long says:

    The link worked and there was no problem loading the page.

    So far, so good, Marilyn!

  2. looks good well done marilyn x hugs

  3. Hi Tara!

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