Tuesday Is The Best Day For Home Keeping Productivity

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tuesday the most productive in home keeping

Working on a major decluttering project? Tuesday is the best day to get it started. Monday is behind you and the opportunity is waiting for you now. Scared to start? The first two minutes of any project is the hardest. Get past those two minutes and the rest will fall into place using a simple decluttering method.


Why Is Tuesday The Most Productive?

Tuesday is the day to clear your calendar and try to get things done—it’s the one day of the week we all buckle down and try to be most productive. To a certain extent, it makes sense: No one likes Mondays, and people are likely to drag and force themselves to get back into the swing of things after having been off for a weekend. Fridays are the tail end of the week when most of us are winding down and making plans for our time off, and Wednesday, being hump day, is a long slog no matter what. That leaves Tuesdays and Thursdays, and according to a survey or over 300 HR managers by staffing firm Accountemps, Tuesdays are the days people really turn it on:

In the survey of more than 300 Canadian human resources managers, 33 per cent said productivity accelerated on Tuesdays versus the least productive Thursdays and Fridays, which polled in at 5 and 6 per cent, respectively.

Wednesdays were the next most productive according to 23 per cent, while Mondays rated a 14 per cent response and no particular day drew 18 per cent.

“There’s limiting distractions,” said Accountemps senior staffing manager Vitaly Melnik of the midweek peak.

“You’ve got your head focused after the weekend is over; you’ve caught up on everything; and you can do your regular work schedule most effectively. Then, after the hump of the Wednesday, come Thursday, Friday, you’re already thinking about the weekend. ”

The firm worked with large and small companies, both local and international, to try and get an idea of how people worked across the board, but the results were fairly consistent. Still, it’s important to note that this is by no means a scientific study—just a survey of people whose job it is to keep an eye on workplace productivity. Still, if their results match up with your own experiences where you work, it might be a good idea to set aside your Tuesdays for the work you most dread doing, or at least requires the most time and dedicated attention or focus. Hit the link below to read more about the survey, and its results.

Tuesdays Are Best for Workplace Productivity | The Toronto Star via PayScale

Scared to Start Decluttering?

The first two minutes of any project is the hardest. If you can get past those two minutes the rest will fall into place using a simple decluttering method I created. Read my post on why the first two minutes of any project is the hardest. Tuesday is the only day I never feel behind because whatever I start on usually gets to a finishing point. That is what many are seeking. Let me explain.

You are tackling all of your clothing clutter because you cannot find anything to wear. The clutter is blocking it. Instead of just saying I am going to start decluttering my clothes, start out with this Tuesday I will do the underwear and socks drawers. This approach is realistic and it gets the feelings of sense of accomplishment going. Have a goal for next Tuesday. Put it on your calendar what you will be decluttering in your drawers and closet and you will have a head start come next Tuesday.

Make Everyday Like Tuesday!

If you are serious about making the most out of your Tuesday, the following are suggestions to do.

Limit distractions: turn off mobile devices and sign out of email and social media when working on important tasks to make your home run smoothly.

Explore apps: digital calendars, task management apps and other time-saving software can help you keep track of where you are at on your daily habits, weekly habits and zone work to begin decluttering.

Aim for quality, not quantity: focus on one part of your day at a time, because multitasking often leads to distractions and getting off course. Before you know it the dinner hour is here and you don’t know what you are going to make for the family.

What do your Tuesdays look like? Do you do anything special on this day? Please let me know in the comments section.

Extra Help Is Available!

I wrote my first e book back in January. It is named 100 Things To Get Rid Of In Your Home The Easy Way To Begin Your Decluttering Journey The book takes you room by room or zone and lists items you can easily get rid of. Doing so creates space and that increases energy levels to do more. It is less than a cup of specialty coffee and you have it forever. Plus you get a…

Downloadable Check List Print Out!

100 Things To Get Rid Of In Your Home


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I hope this shows you the importance of Weekly Home Keeping Habits Made SIMPLE and how Tuesdays is the day to get something done that needs to get done. That is why if Monday doesn’t go as planned, you have the opportunity to turnaround Tuesday. The system is set up in levels to build upon with establishing the 9 Daily Habits First, followed by the Weekly Home Mambo second.

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