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Yesterday’s Emergency

Hoping for an uneventful day. Yesterday was filled with twists and turns as I got a call from my mom. The electricity was out in Watertown. She is on oxygen and has an electric lift chair. She couldn’t get out of the chair to get her portable oxygen tank. I jump in my car reacting to the situation.
It is 35 miles away so I called 911 and explained the situation. They sent cops and an ambulance to her home. Glad I made that phone call because she was low on oxygen and I didn’t want to walk into a worst situation.
Next I went to Menards to get a new door lock and of course the first one didn’t work so back to Menards I went to exchange and get one that did. I put it on and came home later than usual. Today I will get copies of the key made, more gardening for her and looking forward to a good workout at the Wellness Center.

Working Out

What? Working out? Yes! I have been doing this for over a year at my pace and what my fibromyalgia and arthritic body can handle. Today I am looking forward to it. I am so glad I kept fighting. To think 10 years ago I was practically bedridden for 90% of the time. I owe it to myself and my team of doctors that have me on the right combination of medication to help me live my life to the best of my ability. The spark that started it all was, you guessed it, taking a personal challenge in March of 2011 Getting Dressed to Shoes! Haven’t missed a day yet.

Get Dressed To Shoes When Living With Chronic Illness

For all of you who live with chronic illness I am sorry that there is no magical cure. I have wanted one for years since I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia back in 1989. Instead, I took ‘A Leap Of Faith’ by taking the first step without seeing the top of the staircase and how I did it has been to Get Dressed To Shoes.

I Challenge You!

I challenge all of you living in your pajamas to begin getting dressed to shoes. When I say getting dressed to shoes I mean getting dressed for what daily tasks I call the 9 Habits and current project on hand is. I know it is going to have to be a leap of faith to do it in order for you to actually see the benefits for your situation.
So today, please let it be an uneventful day.
Note:  The cause of the loss of power in half the town was caused by a car hitting an electrical substation just out of town.


  1. A good word. Get dressed every day. And make your bed too. It gives you a sense of accomplishment. Something put in order and completed. Something new begun. God bless! And God bless your mom too!

  2. THank you! Today was supposed to rain. So glad it did. I was able to get my lawn mowed today. Will go to town to workout and to do some more gardening for Mom. Thank you for commenting!

  3. Oh my! I’m so glad she was able to call you and get assistance.
    And yes, I agree. Getting dressed and moving every day has its benefits. Even for those who aren’t struggling with life-long illnesses, it is a good habit because you are always more productive when you’re up and ready to go.

    Sending wishes for an uneventful holiday weekend to you!

  4. Lesly Frederici says:

    Oh my… is your mom alright? Murphy was hanging out with you about the door and exercise – I have fallen behind but working mt way back.

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