You Can Get Started: The First 2 Minutes Of Cleaning Is The Hardest

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You know you need to get started. The hardest part is starting. You need to start the family evening meal and yet you have trouble getting started. Maybe you forgot to take out the meat from the freezer. Maybe you can’t decide what to make. Maybe your sink is full of dirty dishes and is making it hard to get started. In any of the above scenarios…

the first 2 minutes getting started is the hardest.

Did you get a chance to watch the movie Hidden Figures? It is about launching John Glenn into space for the first time. Lots of calculations and testing happened before take off. Today I am going to explain to you why.

The loud, deep rumble and the vibrations felt as the shuttle seems to push down on the earth with its unmatched thrust. Then comes the mystery of watching tons of steel make its way up into the heavens, and the disappear from sight.

Have you ever thought about 

how much fuel 

it takes to get it off the ground?

83% of the fuel needed to lift the shuttle off the ground is in the two white rockets on the side. Once they are emptied they fall back to the earth.

A 10 day mission uses 83% of the fuel in the 

first 2 minutes!

The greatest resistance, which requires the greatest amount of energy to overcome, is met at the

time of launch!


Photo by Matthew Simantov (Creative Commons)

You and I are no different.

We know of projects we want to start in our home. Habits that we want to add to make our home run smoother. We have ideas that we want to develop into something bigger making our lives better.

  • Practicing the 9 habits geared to make home keeping SIMPLE
  • Meal planning
  • Decluttering your home
  • Decluttering your clothes
  • Decluttering your paper clutter
  • Creating a simple way to get out the door each day

The Above Can Lead To…

  • The new exercise program.
  • The book you want to read.
  • The family project that would not only be a good thing to do, but would help with family togetherness.
  • The education you want to pursue.
  • The significant other you want to love better.
  • That new business that might bring a sense of purpose and freedom.

But We Sit On The Launch Pad.


Because the hardest part of doing something is getting started and it is…

The First 2 Minutes.

What do you want to do, but struggle with getting started?

What has helped you the most to take that first step? Share in the comments.




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Feel like watching a good movie launching into space? Try these.


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