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Every season I look forward to my Painted Daisies blooming. I have two colors. Light pink and fuchsia. I have photos of seasons passed that made a bouquet. And then I have some where I had none. It isn’t the plants fault. They were doing their thing at growing and on schedule. The problem was those buds tasted so good to the rabbits.

I don’t get as upset about it as I used to when first starting back into gardening. Since that time of 2010 I have acquired other plants that bloom this time of year like my Irises They are lasting and I look forward each morning to go out to Lily’s Garden with coffee in hand and admire their beauty.


This year it looks like I didn’t get out there soon enough to use Liquid Fence. They got about half of my blooms. However here is a photo of myself during the personal challenge I took to Getting Dressed To Shoes with FlyLady. I had a beautiful bouquet.

During my personal challenge of Getting Dressed To Shoes documenting it for 436 consecutive days. I haven’t missed a day since March 1, 2011 when I took the challenge.


I live in zone 4. The Beets have been planted. Any day now, I expect them to emerge. This is when the plant is the most vulnerable to rabbits and deer. Nothing is worse for a gardener than to check and see the vegetation has been eaten either by animals or bugs with stomachs of bottomless pits. The painted daisies are the reminder for me to purchase Liquid Fence.


I love the fact I can order it through Amazon Prime 2 Day Free Shipping. No need to haul it from the store when you can have it delivered to your door! I have been using this product for 7 years now and I highly recommend it to keep rabbits and deer out of your garden.


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